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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  January 16, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> this is a fox news alert. former utah governor jon huntsman will withdraw from the presidential nomination. that despite his respectful third place finish in new hampshire. huntsman said at the time he had a ticket out of the granite state. that was not to be. his endorsement of mitt romney is sure to help the former massachusetts governor in his increasingly tight race in south carolina. karl cameron tells us the romney campaign was brought off guard by huntsman dropping out of the
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race. >> governor huntsman will hold a news conference tomorrow at the myrtle beach convention center. he will announce while he was encouraged the results he doesn't have the money and doesn't appear to have the sports of the polls and doesn't have the structure to go the distance. the city is proud of the race he ran. he will talk about how he thinks it is important the country restore trust in the political system and government and trust in one another, then he will step aside. he will say he didn't want to go up against barack obama. he will be out. he will not be in the debate planned for tomorrow night. there will be one left. he will have it all on new
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hampshire. >> he had a billionaire father. it is ironic mitt romney didn't see it coming. >> huntsman senior was in there the night huntsman juanor's disappointing showing. he needed to come in second or first. it was not the kind of night he was hoping for. as a consequence a lot of that -- it was a difficult choice for the huntsman family and governor huntsman. had his dad thrown a lot of money in after a third or fourth showing it would have looked more like an allowance. all of the money in the world doesn't translate to boots on the ground in a real vote won't go the distance. very much of the mind that there's sort of a toxicity in american politics and lack of trust through out the board. he will go down swinging for that cause saying there has to be a more honest discourse and
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gnat the same welling. there was plenty of that in south carolina. >> come ron, thank you very much. i will get back to politics in a moment. first this is another fox news alert. after an exciting weekend the nfl division playoffs are done and they are set for pro football conference championships. we had the thrilling marquis match up in a stunning upset the new york giants beat the green bay packers at green bay 37-20. eli manning totally out quarterbacking aaron rogers smoothered by the giant's defense. in fairness ladies and gentlemen aside from facing a grossly under rated giants team, green bay also had a harsh real live distraction. the son of one of the packers coaches offensive coordinator joe philbin was found drowned in an icy wisconsin lake earlier in the week. the tragic death of 21-year-old michael philbin attracted our attention because it fits the pattern of dozens of mysterious
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drowning deaths of college aged men in wisconsin and minnesota. many of the drowning deaths marked by a bizarrely rendered smiley face drawing down near the drowning accident. no smiling face i hate to add was found in philbin's case but let me welcome investigator christie peel from minnesota who was the first to f f thehe pattern of the smiley face killer or killers. although no smiley face was found in this place, christie, does that mean it is not connected to the smiley face drowning deaths accidents or maybe murders we have been investigating? >> geraldo first i want to express my deepest condolences to the philbin family and all of michael's friends. many of you viewers are hearing about this for the first time. it is important to say there are dozens of families who have lost their family members in a similar manner. the smiley face doesn't neen
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anything but we want to spread a message of safety so this can nop stap -- happening. >> do you think it was a rush to judgment, they said it was an accident, do you think it was a rush to judgment to declare it was an accident? >> it is too early to tell. it is in the toxicology reports it will be critical. we need to figure out from the time he was last seen until he was calling for help on the ice where was he who was he with what was he doing? those questions must be answer pd before any one can decide if foul play is in or out. >> in this situation what is it that is similar to so many other cases. it is a college aged young man a crowning death on suspicious circumstances, what else? >> 100 young men have died in this manner. it's across the northern states
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from washington to new york. we have seen them in the winter months primarily. the ages generally are between 19 and 24. we are not seeing this happen to women or other races or men on spring break college campuses or the ocean. it's a band of time this band of people during winter months. >> christie, we will certainly watch with interest. investigation of michael philbin's death. thank you very much for joining us. >> and another fox news alert. the captain abandoned the ship that according to italian authorities probing the sinking cruise liner which went down friday after the crew obviously made a deadly error in navigation. then things just got worse. >> before we jumped off one of the crew members was telling us we need to stay on. that is when mark was saying, we don't need to stay on because it was sinking so fast. where we were standing is
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actually under water right now. obviously we needed to get out then. >> there were about 150 people started swimming. >> oh my god they can't get it we are going to have to go this way without dividing up my family. you are thinking please find them. i need to say good-bye to you. i can't let it go like this. >> a navigational error by a cowardly captain and incompetent crew. isn't that the way it shakes out. founder of cruise isn't that what it -- isn't it right there right in easy black-and-white? >> well, it is hard to say the captain was cowardly. i would say his final action was cowardly. there were a lot of decisions made by the captain that night. some of them were maybe more cowboy than cowardly. a lot of events happened and there are still a lot of discoveries to be made.
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>> with modern navigation isn't it clear, paul, that i have navigation on my boat. everybody who flies even the bays or rivers near their home have electronic navigation which shows precisely where they are if they are paying attention. the exxon val disease how in the world can he put this on the rocks off the coast of italy? >> what happened was he was overly confident. he decided to do a sail by to waive at the town and that went successfully. i think what happened hitting the rock actually happened on the way out when he thought he was free and clear and open water. >> these are ancient coastlines extremely well plotted on navigation charts. the cheapest gps would have that rock indicated. he put that big cruise ship with all of those people in severe peril did he not, obviously?
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>> absolutely. he was being cowboy and a little bit cavalier. he was in the clear without double checking. certainly someone else on the staff should have noticed that. >> like the man on the bridge. arthur idela our criminal defense attorney. he also has an office in italy. (speaking italian) >> what really blows my mind he abandoned ship while the people were still on board. >> cowardly. >> i will show you how much more of a coward he is. the cops tell him go back on the ship. no i am not going back on the ship. then they detain him. you have to go back on the ship because it's the law. he has to ask his crewmen. he has to ask the deck hands it's delineated what he has too do before he leaves the vessel. he didn't do any of that.
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>> manslaughter charges? >> manslaughter charges minimum for one person criminally neglect homicide. what he did blows your mind. he was so reckless that it comprises murder. minimum sentence 6 months maximum 5 years and it could be consecutives to maximum of 12 years. he's facing 12 years in prison. they have the black box. they did locate that and will find out what happened what orders were given what orders weren't. what is clear those passengers were not told in a timely fashion. number one there was a problem and number two it seemed like there was no guidance whatsoever given to those individuals. that will be taken into account by prosecutors when they determine what to do with this. captain. >> twon derful sum -- wonderful summary. five are dead 15 are missing. they rescued one couple from the depths, the bowels of that
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vessel. maybe there is hope for the 15. as far as we know no americans among the dead at least as far as we know up until this point. with south carolina looming we saw rock hall and what with mitt romney's mexican test
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>> momentum following victories
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in iowa and new shafhampshire. this is before huntsman dropped out of the race. south carolina from three other guys competing for the social conservative vote. perhaps the biggest surprise a week out from next saturday's primary aside from the huntsman withdrawal is newt gingrich's political obit air reappears prema sur prema -- premature. real clear politics has him in second place trailing romney -- with santorum and ron paul. they had romney in 28 percent with gingrich second with 28 percent and paul and santorum in third and fourth place. an american research group has romney out in front with 29 percent. gingrich is a closer second at 25 percent. with paul a good third with 20 percent. >> and de shane writes.
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thank you for joining us. i understand your paper just endorsed john huntsman for the republican primary in your state next saturday. i mean are you feeling embarrassed, frustrated, what is up? >> well,ing fortunately i am not a member of the editorial board. o our editorial board picked him based on foreign policy and he could probably help the most in ending the deadlock with congress. maybe they will make another choice. >> i like jon huntsman, too. i couldn't understand why he didn't get any traction. he was such an admirable guy. he left office in utah with an 85 percent approval rating. the fact that he served as ambassador and democratic association was a positive not a negative. he never got any traction at
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all. do we have congressman. >> thank you for rushing to the seat early. you have endorsed mitt romney. are you pleased as punch that huntsman is endorsing your man? >> i agree. i think he's a super decent good guy. i think the more you look at this race the more you look at this race. the answer keeps coming out the same. it's mitt romney. i think mitt romney will continue to do well and ultimately he will be the republican nominee. this can't do anything but help governor romney. i think it's happening every where. any one who looks at the race and looks at who is the best candidate will come to the same conclusion. >> andy shane has stayed in columbia south carolina. isn't it likely that as huntsman endorses romney those moderate nonsocial conservative voters
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will flock to the former massachusetts governor? >> well, i mean, huntsman was polling at 1 percent in one of the polls. >> 5.7 in one of the polls. >> i show him at 5.7 in one of the polls. >> at this point romney i think is really going to -- is the leader in all of the polls so far. he is seen as a presumptive nominee. south carolina has nominated the eventual gop candidate since 1980. the economy is a main issue while conservative issues are at the forefront with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. a they want a candidate they think can go up against obama the best. that seems to be mitt romney in
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their opinion. >> i am going to have you back along with the big panel for the other side of the politics segment. we kind of accelerated it with this big news. among latino voters in your state, even in your district, is it the economy or is it immigration? which is the paramount issue in your vow? >> according to the bill clinton it's the economy, stupid. latino unemployment numbers are higher than the other part of the population. that is the issue. that is the over riding issue. as the gentlemen from the nuts paper just said when voters are looking ter lacking at who is the person that can get the economy going who can get jobs going. the answer keeps coming up time and time again mitt romney. that is the answer when we look at the best person to beat obama and who can get the jobs. >> much more with you congressman and the rest of the panel. why is ron paul running so
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strongly in iowa and new hampshire and now in south carolina. 20 percent ain't hey. i don't know what it is. it ain't nothing. and the younger voters seem to be flocking to this guy. craig has the interview after this. my name is ron orsini, i'm forty eight years-old, i love to swim, and i love to walk outside. osteo bi-fl has really helped my kne. osteo bi-flex has been incredible for me, and i swear by it. [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex, the glucosamine chondroitin suppment with 5-loxin advanced. shows improvement in joint comfort within 7 days. osteo bi-flex, my knees thank you. [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex. the #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended brand.
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>> welcome back everybody. as he did in iowa and new hampshire with rel tifl dr-- relatively little money i think ron paul is putting up a good fight. what is behind his relative strength? craig investigates. >> texas congressman ron paul only arrived here in south carolina this afternoon. his presence not as big as new hampshire but very benthusiasti. >> 20 something college students are the foot soldiers for what they call the ron paul revolution. >> what is the most important issue for you? you are going out canvassing what are you telling people about their candidate? >> i think like ron paul nothing can stop an idea. the time has come. >> in iowa 21 percent of caucus
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voters voted for rand paul. they had 23 percent and second place finish in the state. at 76 he is the oelsd candidate by far, yet he attracts more young people than any of them. >> why is it that young people are attracted to the oldest candidate in the running? >> well, we love his message of fiscal responsibility and liberty sound money and we are interested in our futures. we believe he has the best path for us. >> 4 years ago president obama got 46 percent of the youth vote. do you think more young people are interested in ron paul than president obama? >> you are seeing a lot of former obama supporters ee spgs will he the youth vote switching over. ron paul is very popular with us. you see with independent poll numbers that a lot of youth vote and independent numbers. ron paul is doing very well.
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>> how are you doing? i wanted to talk about the enthusiasm of the youth vote in your campaign. what do you think of that? >> it gets me excited. i love it. i think that's the future. they know what i am talking about. they read about it and they study it and work really hard and they are very good supporters. >> you are the oldest candidate in the campaign yet you are getting the youngest voters. what is it about what you are saying? >> they are young ideas. personal liberty is a young idea. as we get older you have to get along and go along you are taught to conform from an early age people are caught to conform. public education especially does that. conformity is more necessary than any independent mind. i think we are all natural inpen dmientded. from 2-year-olds to teenagers. if you put it in a constructive manner it makes sense. i can still be physical
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independent minded. >> how are you going to do in south carolina? >> we are going to do well. >> they really think they can contest obama for that two thirt thirds of the youth vote he got last time? >> that's what they are hoping. a lot of independent voters who are supporting ron paul didn't. they believe that ron paul is more of a peace candidate. he's the one who is saying, let's close down all of those 900 bases overseas. that's bring all of our troops back home as he is concerned about our own sovereign state our own sovereign borders. he is the peace candidate for a lot of young kids that voted for obama. >> that ais really important. what about the fact he wants to legalize marijuana, isn't that a big part of it, too? >> that is one of the things. he wants to liberalize laws. he doesn't believe that we should be regulating things like
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that. their concerns are about jobs, concerned about college loans, pandering politicians. that is what fuelling paul's renegade campaign. they are also responding to paul's warnings the federal government is eroding privacy. they are poised to limit internet freedom. >> we will see how he does, brother. thank you. the big news about jon huntsman pulling out let's talk about whether or not that would effect the fall campaign. wi -- paul campaign. doug weed what a perfect day for a paul supporter. but what do you think? how does this effect your man in south carolina? >> we are in for the long hall. we are doing good in south carolina. a lot of people over looked the fact that ron paul is necked place wi-- second place with evangelical christians. he is one of two southern baptists in the race.
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he grew up lutheran but is southern baptist. he has appeal to the military. akty military donations ron paul has more than all of the gop candidates combined including and also barack obama. it is buzz they know ron paul will send them to war if he has to but will not send him to die for some pentagon contractor. we feel good about south carolina. >> that astand by. i have to take a break. ladies and gentlemen we are going to continue our discussion about politics and of all of the candidates mitt romney taking the hardest line against illegal mexican immigrations. he never mentioned his dad and grand daddylarge.
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>> the most anti illegal immigration person ever, never once mentioned that his father was born in mexico his grandfather was born in mexico. he is a hypocrite. >> now you go off the rails. >> how do you talk about illegal immigration of mexicans. >> it doesn't matter. my people are from ireland i didn't know what t-- like what the ira did. >> how can you talk about all of these mexicans and never mention your father is one of them.
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(speaking spanish) >> who knew in a presidential race in which the hispanic vote could be crucial mitt romney had a secret that he choose not to reveal. his father the wonderful former michigan governor george romney and his great grandfather were both born in mexico. romney's great grandfather miles romney fleeing there to escape utah's laws banning polygamy. he had five wives at the time utah said polygamy is over. if elected technically mitt romney could be the first hispanic president since under mexican law he could have dual mexican citizenship if he choose to claim it. i am not being facetious because it is mexican law. i am enjoying the story. i think what goes around comes around if you are not frank with people it always catches up with you. we understand why he didn't
2:33 am
bring up his family heritage. one they didn't want to talk about polygamy which is understandable. that is so 19th century. 21st century mormonism has evolved from that. mormonism is a net positive for any candidate. if you mitt romney is half of the politician his dad george was we would all be lucky he would be a great president. the other reason he didn't want to talk about it is because he has been so harsh on the issue of mexican illegal immigration. i know that i am in the minority. i know many of you watching right now are disagreeing and maybe tossing stuff that the your screens right now but that's the way i feel about if. joining us to comment on my feelings and other more cosmic issues corning the fro-- concerg the frontrunner including jon huntsman withdrawing from the race are chad connelly the gop party chairman. it has been my pleasure to speak with him often.
2:34 am
bob mcelwin the ohio congressman and againing rich surrogate you have seen him earlier, he has already endorsed romney and doug wei the senior advisor to ron paul. before i get to you on the hispanic issue i must interrupt myself and ask the former congressman the gingrich supporter we have just received word from the former speaker of the house newt gingrich who is saying, quote, with governor huntsman dropping out we are one step closer to a bold reagan conservative winning the gop nomination. by that i mean mr. gingrich means himself. you want to comment on that? then we will move on to the afore stated question. >> after 15 years of leadership when newt became the first republican speaker in 40 years the second one in 70 years the
2:35 am
first thing he did was reinstitute the reagan tax cuts ks triple the amount coming in from capital gains. when you look at what reagan stood for and what newt gingrich stood for you can see there is great momentum there. >> are you saying the huntsman withdraw will help newt gingrich more than it helps mitt romney? >> i don't think there is any doubt about it. jon was a good man. but i think the consensus is we need leadership, we need someone who understands how to balance a budget that has not happened in this country but only four years since coolidge under newt's leadership. when it comes to the things we stand for, moral values and as well as spending and taxes there is no question newt is our candidate. >> now i have many questions to ask our other guests including congressman val lard about the huntsman withdraw.
2:36 am
congressman i pose the question -- or i am about to about mitt romney's secret latino heritage. did you have any idea that his parents -- that his father and grandfather were born in mexico, and don't you think that is something that would be relevant when speaking about illegal immigration, 75 percent of which comes from mexico? >> i did know about that. i heard him say it publicly. >> we have not found any speech in 2007, 2008, 2011 or 2012 until you new hampshire primary the day before brian williams 30 rock program was going to break the story. >> i believe he said it here in florida. i know i have heard him say that. i actually knew that. maybe i am wrong where i heard it from. he has had a son that has done ads for him in spanish.
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>> we just played one of the ads. >> congressman, don't you think that something that relevant should be -- should have -- let me give you an example of a sentence. we have hundreds of thousands of these people coming over the border illegally. they should get in the back of the line. that's why i am for a wall. that's why i understand the hardships over there. indeed my father was born there, my grandfather was born there. i have never heard him anything remotely like that. >> look, too things, you and i tend to agree more on immigration. >> we sure do. >> and i appreciate that. i have been friend with all of my brothers for many years you have known us all. i gdisagree. clearly governor romney is harder on border security. he is. he has been focusing on the economy, on keeping us safe, on creating jobs. he agrees you have to be tough on the border.
2:38 am
whether i agree with him or disagree with him. we know where he stands. he has never hidden that. he has been talking about the issues that are how to create jobs, how to get this economy going, how do we get the unemployed finally working again. the american people want to work. that is knjob number one. that's the first thing the president has to do. he's talking about i knew about that issue i talked to him he has mentioned it publicly. the reason i am convinced that mitt romney is going to be the next president of the united states is because he understands the foremost -- the thing he has to focus on is how can we get this economy to create jobs again. get the american people working again. get us competitive with our economic adversaries or competitors. that's what he has been focusing on, thank you. he could have done a lot of speeches about a lot of things. he has been focusing on making
2:39 am
sure question get the economy going. i think he is absolutely right. >> (speaking spanish) >> chad connolly the wonderful south carolina primary chairman. i only you could be -- your role could be expanded so we could have you for the entire leblgs process. jo jon huntsman's withdrawal how does that shake up what's happening next saturday in the palmetto state? >> hey geraldo. glad to be with you tonight. i don't know how much it shakes it up. any time one candidate drops out and endorses another it is big news. the most decisive debate in the primary season tomorrow night. hope everybody is watching. >> they will be watching. fox news they always watch it. some of the polls 5, 6 percent for huntsman it has to go somewhere. was that an anti romney vote or
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an ideological vote that they were going for the more moderate rather than the social conservative, therefore they will go to romney? >> i talk about connectivity and personal relationship. you see somebody who has appeal. they attract crass roots folks to our side. i think it's going to be interested. we have had a lot of ad care we want to know by the end of the week. this doesn't go to any one candidate at all. i just heard this news, too. >> dead hang in there. what about ron paul, many suggest he doesn't have the money to go into a big place like florida, he's going to get chopped up there by vast budget. romney's first and foremost, gingrich substantial, santorum also getting all of the endorsement of the evangelicals in south carolina. will ron paul stay the course?
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>> i think he will stay the course. we know the system has been built for mitt romney. that is part of the reason florida was moved up early because of party insiders that favored romney and if we can survivor these early contests we are going to do well. >> big if. there are five or six states we can win. >> we will survive this early because geraldo as you know the rules have been changed. a lot of people aren't understanding how they have been changed the proportionality. romney is an establishable figure. the number one donor to obama is goldman sachs. number one supporter to mitt romney is goldman sachs. he has a lot of money. you get these e-mails from romney that donate $1 you enter a raffle and they will pay your airline tickets be with the candidates. we call that a political money laundering. he doesn't have any small donors. if you click on that it costs
2:42 am
you $8 to get one. >> congressman thank you. we will be talking to your fellows. thanks, very much very much. who is killing the iranian nuclear scientist. oo covert operations after this.
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>> thousands of iranians took to the treats chanting death to israel, death to america. following the murder of one of iran's top nuclear scientists. ez killed by a magnetic bomb attached to his car. an attack very similar to tehran in the past few years aimed at stopping iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> iran feels it is under a huge wage of leaking of information and hazem men's resources into attempts to capture mossad agents. >> iran was eager to point the finger at israel and united states. >> although they are silent they support such crimes. they should make them understand the true owners and mawake up a tell them what it is america
2:46 am
can't tolerate. >> the mossad has long ways to secret war against enemies. going back to the ruthless pursuit of the perpetrators. >> the latest word we get from the airport is all hell has broken lose out there. >> all nine passengers are safe. >> for most of the last 40 years i have reported how israel has used deadly force to prevent sere you and iraq from obtaining nuclear technology. france 1975 the nuclear facilities with prime minister the research reactors sold to the butcher of baghdad. the rest of the world stands silent. israel immediately begins fighting back. france, april 1979 the heart of
2:47 am
one of the reactors is sabota sabotageed by israeli secret agents. paris 1980 this it egyptian hired to (indiscernible). in 1981 israel ended sadam hussein's nuclear weapon after a massive air-raid. israel did in syria a quarter of a century later turning the secret reactor into so much dust. iran is a tougher nut to crack. to do to do it they went high-tech in 2011. the computer vie with rus was c to crash iran's reactor. >> it was very sneaky. >> the iranian centrifuge designed to enrich uranium. all the while the computer program indicated that the iranian technicians said everything was fine. >> we are afraid to start
2:48 am
anything because we don't know who is affected and who is not. >> stunned economic sanctions frustrated and frightened by inability to stop the secret attack. iran threatens to close the move a move some say would be an act of war. >> we cannot tolerate iran blocking the straits of ver muse that is a red line. >> if iran refuses to abandon nuclear ambition isn't an attack by israel inevitable? >> we will not stop the iranians from achieving the bomb. it ends a nuclear attack will have to be taken. israel will exert it's legitimate right for self defense. >> many americans agree. >> he who turns the other cheek gets hit with the other fist. i am tired of turning the other
2:49 am
cheek where iran is concerned. >> up next two former secret operators one american the other israeli. they tell us who they think is killing iran's nuclear site.
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2:52 am
is>> we have is a nation is intent on becoming nuclear. iran pursued their ambition without sanctions. the president was silent when over a million voices took to the streets in iran. >> this is an act of terrorism and we should empathize with them. they are victims of terrorism. we have condemned alterrism. obviously the iranian government would be killing their own scientists. yeah, we should have great empathy for them. if we haven't done it we should move to them or give them all of
2:53 am
the reassurance we have not done it. if we are doing it and participating we ought to quit. that wouldn't make any sense, participating in violent acts which would be equivalent to terrorism at the same time that is all we talk about is going around the world on a global war on terrorism so there would be no consistency there. who is killing iran's nuclear scientists. hillary clinton and leon pineda deny the u.s. is behind the apack. no matter how you spin it that leaves israel as the prime suspect. vel's legendary secret service. bakery tired from our secre -- baker retired from our secret service. >> mike isn't it almost impossible israel is not involved? >> a lot of people would tell you it's highly i am plausible they have no connection to what is taking place whether tewe ar
2:54 am
talking about the latest attempt or the latest within the couple of years. there is a covert operation underway. again to your point that speaks toward israel. israel has indicated we don't know who was involved in this. we don't discourage it. but we don't know who is involved. it is entirely possible this sort of activity is taking place internally in eside iran. >> i personally do not believe it is not entirely internal in iran. i also note for the record that israel has been less than emphatic. it is denials. they don't -- they don't confirm or deny. they haven't come out and said as secretary of state clinton and defense secretary panetta. what say you? >> secretary of state must have public relations than the
2:55 am
israeli secretary state. and i would agree with that. but it is true that the whole of the person world is happy to see somebody trying to lower the iranian nuclearzation. we are all going to be in a worse state today if iran has a nuclear bomb. anybody understands anything about common operations knows that doing an operation of this sort in iran is highly impractical and very close to possible. what is possible is there are local disaccidents this kind or that kind getting help from some western countries. that could be in a state it could be england, it could be israel, it could be anybody in the west, but it is most probably people from the state who are most afraid of the nuclear bombing in the iranian hand. >> israel has demonstrated a willingness and ability to do things in a way that is covert. doesn't this operation sing to
2:56 am
you of israel? >> an operation of this sort a man at least 30 people in tehran. risk taking by any country with people in iran who engage in an operation of this sort is not going to be taken by any politician in any western world for sure not in israel. >> resource required everything from safe houses to getting that motorcycle and getting appropriate paperwork documentation all that work that is involved in carrying out a covert operation is difficult. from an operators perspective when you look at this you are mind immediately goes to it's an internal operation to a very, very large degree. in iran it is entirely possible, is it being conducted through individuals there who are looking for the change? >> interesting it sont ground
2:57 am
needs so many people it is such a big risk nobody will take it. i for certain wouldn't even thought of bringing it and asking to take this kind of rich. you have 30 israelis in iran since the death. that is impossible. a situation like this does not happen. taking a box aside it is in my mind a local operation. i don't think it has been aided by the west. >> thauj, thank y -- ladies and gentlemen, thank you for watching. captioned by, closed captioning
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